Automotive Paint Protection


Automotive Paint Protection, also known as the Invisible Bra, is the best way to protect your vehicles. SMG specializes in Paint Protection for high performance vehicles, exotic sports cars, daily drivers, SUV's, and trucks.

SMG's latest vehicle to receive the service - 2010 Shelby GT500


*Kits starting at $499.99 INSTALLED!*


Our Paint Protection products are made from VentureShield Paint Protection Film which is an indestructible eight mil thick (.008") clear Urethane film (.015 also available). The VentureShield protective film is the toughest film on the market today, and requires no special care or maintenance. See specification sheets.


VentureShield is optically clear and guaranteed for life against yellowing or cracking due to UV exposure. The protection remains invisible, allowing the manufacturer's aesthetics to shine through unaffected.


The film is approved by major Automotive Manufacturers such as Ferrari, GM, Ford and Nissan to withstand freezing temperatures, extreme heat, acidic oils and gasoline, along with attacks by stones and other abrasive elements.

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