Dyno Tuning Services

 SMG Motoring utilizes a Dyno-Jet 224x - max 1500 hp, 200mph


The Dyno enables you to:


- Baseline your current combination


- Verify new performance modifications


- Tune your freshly built combination


- Race teams have found, adjusted, fixed or simply fine tuned their race cars. We've seen from experience that a day on the Dyno can transform a team's season into a winning season!


SMG Motoring offers tuning for GM, Ford, Dodge, various stand alone ECU's and Race Cars. 

Don't have one of these vehicles but still need your vehicle tuned? SMG Motoring can still help! There are many tuning programs available for a wide variety of vehicles as well as piggyback ECU combinations.



Basic Pricing*:

-          2 pulls ~ $50     DYNO days ONLY

-          2-3 pulls with Air Fuel monitor ~ $75

-          1 Hour rental with Air Fuel monitor - $125

-          Custom Tuning (including DYNO time) Starting @ $450

Please call for detailed pricing.

*does not include race cars - Click HERE for info on race car tuning


      SMG utilizes HP Tuners and SCT software.

HP Tuners Screenshot

Accel Gen 7 Screenshot






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